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Bring your old photos and memories back to life

Large Canvas Prints

Hard copy photos into a digital format for canvas printing

We are now offering a scanning service where we take your actual hard copy photos or negatives and convert them into a digital format suitable for canvas printing. This means you do not have to worry about having a digital file or memory stick for your photo as most other companies specify.

At Canvas Online we have the technology that enables us to scan your old photograph up to 20 times bigger than the original size. We haven't just stopped with old photographs. Send us your old 35mm film negatives and we will scan them in for you and transfer them onto canvas. We will even email you a copy of the scanned image.

How it works

The ordering process is very simple and we will guide you through it step by step.

Order Your Scanned Photos

8" x 6"£16.00
10" x 8"£21.00
12" x 10"£23.00
12" x 12"£24.00
16" x 12"£27.00
20" x 16"£35.00
20" x 20"£45.00
30" x 20"£56.00