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Canvas Coating / Giclee Canvas Prints

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canvas laquer coating

The canvas giclee coating serves to protect and enhance canvas giclee prints produced on inkjet printers.

The coating protects against moisture and abrasion that can often occur when the canvas print is handled a lot. Canvas Online's coating is a completely transparent lacquer, which seals the canvas print in a way that it becomes more resistant and can be washed with water.

Moreover, it gives the canvas picture a slightly more glossy touch with more lustre. Once a canvas print is coated with the lacquer, it becomes richer and deeper in colour.

Applying coatings to your canvas prints is not compulsory, but it definitely helps when the prints are deep in colour like blacks or rich purples.

Giclee comes from the French word to spray. A giclee print is basically a regular canvas print that has had a coating applied to it. Then people often refer to these prints as Giclee Prints.

Add the protective coating to your canvas for only £8