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A bit about Banksy

monkey parliament

Art is a personal statement by the artist and Banksy is one of today’s most prolific street artists, who always conveys a powerful message through his unique art. The British artist has garnered an international reputation and a cult of followers who not only stand behind his artistic abilities, but also have the same political and cultural views as the artist. Originally a graffiti artist by nature, he’s also a political activist and film director. But the probably the most intriguing thing about t he street artist is the fact that his identity is unknown.


Where most artists reveal in the fact to become a worldwide phenomenon, Banksy would rather stay anonymous to his legion of fans. Much of his street art is done on walls, bridges and streets across various cities in the world, which feature satirical messages and dark humor, usually executed in a very distinctive stenciling technique. Many of his artistic messages are of anti-war, anti-establishment or anti-capitalist. Some of his subjects include children, apes, rates, soldiers, elderly and policemen.


He first started to make a name for himself in the Bristol underground scene and often collaborated with local musicians and fellow artists. Many have noticed similarities between his work and that of Blek le Rat, another artist who primarily worked with stencils back in Paris in 1981. Although he remains nameless, he still does a few interviews (always wearing a mask) and has been quoted that he’s inspired by 4D, who is a graffiti artist who later became one of the founding members of Massive Attack, a popular musical group from England.


Even though he does not sell photographs or reproductions of his art, art auctioneers have actually been known to try and sell his street art on location and then leaving the bidder with the problem of trying to remove it from the walls, streets or bridges it graces. There are many unofficial reproductions of his work in the form of posters and wall art. This past summer, Banksy was in the news for his installation of Dismaland, which was a large-scale group show that was supposed to be a satire on Disneyland in the United Kingdom.