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3 Places To Use Large Canvas Prints

Canvas prints have quickly become a go-to gift for practically any occasion! What makes them the perfect gift is the fact that they’re inexpensive, totally customisable and everyone loves them. But you don’t have to necessarily give it as a gift to someone else and can totally create some for your own personal use. While there are several sizes you can choose from, a large canvas print is exactly what your home or office needs! Here are some places where you could definitely use a large canvas print:

  1. Your living room

Many would consider the kitchen as the heart of any home, but some would argue that it’s actually the living room (or family room if that’s what you call it). This is where the whole family comes together to relax, watch TV, have family game nights, get together to talk and so much more, so a large canvas print of a family picture is exactly what this room needs! All you need is a large wall to display your large canvas print of anything you choose – whether it’s a photo of your family, pets, friends or your favorite band!

large canvas prints


  1. Your office

Have a favorite motto or quote that you live by? Show it off for all to see using a large canvas print in your office of it! It’s the exact statement piece that your office needs to show off your personality and design style. Plus it will make your office more like home with a piece of personalized art that really means something to you and your work ethic.

work canvas prints

  1. Your bedroom

Sleep peacefully under your favorite large canvas print by using it in your bedroom! Wake up to the best picture of your family or of your favorite quote by hanging it on a wall you always wake up to so that you’re reminded of something special each and every day!

Bedroom canvas prints